Apache  The Shadows
All My Loving   The Beatles 
Atlantis  The Shadows
C'mon Everybody   Eddie Cochran
Dance On!  The Shadows
Do You Wanna Dance   Cliff Richard & The Shadows
F.B.I.  The Shadows
Foot Tapper  The Shadows
Guitar Tango  The Shadows
I Saw Her Standing There   The Beatles
Kon Tiki  The Shadows
Little Honda  The Beach Boys
Living Doll   Cliff Richard & The Shadows
Lucky Lips   Cliff Richard & The Shadows
Man Of Mystery  The Shadows
Midnight  The Shadows
Mr. Tambourine Man   The Byrds
Move It   Cliff Richard & The Shadows
Peace Pipe  The Shadows
Peggy Sue   Buddy Holly
Quartermaster's Store  The Shadows
Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt  The Shadows
Satisfaction  The Rolling Stones
Shadoogie   The Shadows
Sheila   Tommy Roe
Summertime Blues   Eddie Cochran
The Frightened City  The Shadows
Theme For Young Lovers  The Shadows
The Last Time  The Rolling Stones
The Young Ones  Cliff Richard & The Shadows
When You Walk In The Room  The Searchers
Wonderful Land  The Shadows

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